Ferris State University Breaks Ground On New $32 Million Facility

Ferris State University celebrated their annual Founders’ Day Thursday, starting the event with a groundbreaking ceremony for their new Virtual Learning Center.

“We began today celebrating our latest building project,” said David L. Eisler, President of Ferris State University. “Our Center for Virtual Learning, which is a $32 million dollar building that’s dedicated to high-tech education.”

The Virtual Learning Center will offer programs in information security intelligence, digital media software engineering and more.

“We will have an enhanced capability to deliver online classes, hybrid classes, and a variety of technologies,” said Greg Gogolin, Professor at Ferris State. “Also, unique to (the) Center for Virtual Learning, we have a competition center.”

The Virtual Learning Center will also be home to a competition center, a spot to host e-sports competitions for middle, high school and college students.

“One of the big advantages of being in a facility like this is it positions us for the jobs that are just now being developed verses the kind of historical job,” Gogolin said.

Ferris State hopes to begin construction this month, with the goal of completing the Virtual Learning Center by Spring of 2023.