Connecting Community: Chippewa County Sheriff Department Coloring Books

The Chippewa County Fair in Kinross is going in full-force this week.  It officially ends Labor Day. Aside from the rides, food, and animals, there are special vendors set up. One such vendor is theColoring Books Chippewa County Sheriff Department. The department has been visible at the fair for nearly three decades – showing their technology, equipment, and handing out information.

This time around, Sheriff Mike Bitnar is focusing on getting children to become more comfortable with law enforcement.

Children can pick up a coloring book at their fair location, color a page, return it and get a free gift.   It’s all about connecting more with the younger community.

 “We have all kinds of educational coloring books and crayons and safety items that we give to the kids and at work, we get stuffed animals we get donated to us because we hand them out in our duties all the time,” said Sheriff Bitnar.  “There is nothing more important than our children.  So, anything we can do to make things better between children and law enforcement, we are going to do it.”

Kids can stop by through Sunday and be a part of this event.

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