Baldwin Community Schools Cancels For Third Time Since Starting August 11th

A series of unfortunate events for Baldwin Community Schools. The district will close for a third time starting Sept. 1st, with classes resuming Sept. 7th.

“The state requires that we have 75 percent of attendance across the entire district,” says Interim Superintendent J. Mark Parsons. “We were not making that threshold.”

A majority of absent students were showing flu-like symptoms. There are a few students who are absent and quarantining due to COVID exposure.

“We did have one student in the high school, a  little over a week ago, that was tested and was positive,” says Parsons. “We do have ten students that are quarantining right now but they will be returning right after Labor Day.”

Today, another student tested positive, but was not in school the day prior.

Parsons says the hope is the long Labor Day weekend will give the students time to rest and recover. Most of the flu-like symptoms can be seen in the elementary school.

This is the second time the attendance rate was below 75%.

“On top of that, our very first two days of school were closed because we had weather,” says Parsons. “The entire county was down with trees, electrical wires – no service.”

Virtual learning is not an option at this time. The batteries used in the internet hot spots last semester were recalled. New batteries will be in by next week or later.

“Over 80% of our students do not have internet at home,” says Parsons. “The only way they could do it virtually was to create hot spots.”

Six days are excused for school closures in the district.

“That means if we have a perfect Michigan winter and there are no snow days, there’s no adjustment to the calendar,” says Parsons. “If we have further days because of wellness or because of weather then that will create adjustments in the calendar.”

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