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What’s Growing With Tom: Late Summer Lawn Update

It’s been almost two months since we’ve talked about the lawn.

The key is thing is it’s shaping up very nice and thick so it hasn’t been a large concern.

We just have to get it ready for fall.

Connor Witbeck from Morgan Composting joined me to show you the options.

Our lawn is not perfect but certainly in very good shape. It needs some help to get through the next few weeks and prep it for Spring.

Connor says for a quick green-up Turf Blaster is the way to go. You simply spray and wait. It will green up in just a few days.

He says if you can wait a week or two to use their Safe Green Lawn. This is what they recommend you put down three to four times a year to keep the lawn green and bring more organics to the lawn.

It’s a slow-release granular product that helps the lawn long-term.

Now the problem with most Michigan soil is that it’s sandy. That’s why they recommend Safe Green Lawn and the Original Dairy Doo. They both bring organic back to the soil.

The Original Dairy Doo is very strong so it has to be spread thin across your lawn and water in. Otherwise, you may burn it!

This is their best option for long-term moisture retention!