Healthy Living: Doom-Scrolling: Stop the Social Media Spiral

The pandemic created new habits for many of us. One is a 50% jump in screen time. A lot of those hours have been devoted to ‘doom scrolling’. The habit involves non-stop online surfing through negative news and social media. But doing so – causes a major setback to our mental health.

The key to stopping the scroll? Find a way to interrupt the cycle.

Start a daily gratitude practice or journal.

Try to stay off of social media for at least 72 hours. If that’s too difficult. Decrease the number of hours your online each day.

But the most important thing to consider is that there is life beyond social media.

The key is to find a balance. It’s okay to be online, but if you’re constantly checking social media or feel like you’re missing out when you’re not; it might be time to step away from the phone. If you have trouble doing so, make sure you talk to someone or seek professional help.

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