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Baldwin Community Schools To Close Wednesday and Thursday Due To Student Absence Rate

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Baldwin Community Schools has announced that they will be closed Wednesday, Sept. 1, and Thursday, Sept. 2 due to their student absence rate.

Baldwin says their attendance rate is below the required 75% level required by the State of Michigan to count as an instructional day.

They state the absence rate is because of flu-like illness, and say additional absences are connected to covid exposure, but there are no active cases in their buildings.

Additionally, Baldwin states that they are unable to offer virtual classes because the devices they purchased for those who don’t have internet were recalled. They say they do not know when they will receive replacement devices.

Baldwin states they will release more information as it becomes available.

Classes will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 7th as the school is closed for Labor Day break on Friday, Sept. 3rd and Monday, Sept. 6th.

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