U.S. Representative Jack Bergman Reacts to Kabul Explosions, President Biden’s Address

"If I was the Taliban, I’d be having a party figuring this guy’s weak."

Retired U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant General and U.S. Representative Jack Bergman gave 9&10 News his reaction to Thursday’s attacks outside the Kabul airport.

Kabul“Those Marines and Corps Men who were killed yesterday, they did not die in vain,” said Rep. Bergman. “Those of us who sign up to go to the military know we’re going in harms way to protect our citizens both at home and abroad, and we will do the right thing militarily to protect all our citizens.”

He says while the attacks yesterday in Kabul were predictable, they also could have been avoided.

“I’m sickened, disgusted, and bordering on just pissed,” said Rep. Bergman. “I’m a Marine and whether you’re a Marine, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force, we understand mission, we understand commitment, we understand direction, and we’re not getting that out of Washington, D.C. right now.”

Rep. Bergman said President Biden needs to step up, especially after he addressed the nation on Thursday.

“He doesn’t come across as any sense of strength, saying ‘I’m going to hunt you down’,” he said. “Talk’s cheap in Washington, D.C.”

Senator Gary Peters’ office said the senator wasn’t available to comment on Aug. 27.

9&10 News also reached out to Senator Debbie Stabenow and Congressman Bill Huizenga – neither have responded to our calls.