Brewvine: New Cider Lineup at Peninsula Cellars

The school year may just be getting started but one historic school house on Old Mission Peninsula has been busy all summer long.

For this week’s Brewvine, Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take you to Peninsula Cellars to check out their newest releases.

“We always had a cider line and we’ve always showcased the fruit that we grew up on, the farm, apples, cherries, but we’ve taken a deep dive into the cider and we have six new flavors on tap as opposed to two is what we where we started,” said Caitlin Hammond, director of operations.

Peninsula Cellars recently released some traditional and some very unique ciders made from fresh ingredients grown or sourced on Old Mission Peninsula.

Right now they have a special deal on cider flights that allows you to sample some ciders and find your favorite.

“Because we have this new lineup, we’re doing a promotion where for ten bucks you can get four ciders of your choice and enjoy them at your pace at a table outside and soak up the rest of summer,” she said.

Peninsula Cellars has a great way to soak up the remainder of summer with some live music while you enjoy some drinks on the patio.

This school house is excited to offer another wonderful “subject” to their already impressive “curriculum”.

“The ciders really compliment what is already an incredible wine lineup,” said Hammond.

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