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Back to School: Digital Parenting Help with Canopy

Back to school shopping, new schedules, and routines… there are so many things to think about when sending students back to school.

One thing many parents wrestle with is how to send them back in a digital sense.

We spoke with Matt Gore, the Senior Director of Strategy and Operations for , which is a digital parenting app that aims to keep your family safer, both online and offline.

There are three key strategies to help both parents and kids:

  • Be empathetic with what kids and what they face online.
  • Be engaged within your child’s digital world, as much as their real world. Use common sense tools like parental control apps to monitor what your kids are seeing and doing.
  • Be a good example with the way you use technology. As adults, many of us cannot seem to put our phones down. If our faces our buried in tech, chances are theirs will be too.

Gore says according to one study, .

To learn more about Canopy, .