One Up XP Show Podcast: Charlie Watson – Founder/CEO of Lazarus Esports & Tiidal Gaming

Esports & competitive gaming might be new to many people and it might even be a little confusing to some. There are many different branches to Esports and one branch is the professional scene and Esport organizations.

Esport organizations usually sign pro players, content creators and graphic designers while being ran by many managers. The owners have a bit more on their plate especially if you are a bigger organization like Lazarus.

Lazarus is Canadian based and Canada’s first established Esports Organization back in 2010. They are No. 32 in the world when it comes to winnings from games with roughly $5 million. They have many high profile pro players and content creators on Twitch and Facebook.

They have left a big foot print in Esports and have now partnered with Lambton College. This focuses on Esports at a college level but also scholarships and degrees in the video game industry. They also have internships that allow kids to see the day to day of organization employees to see if this is the field they want.

We sat Charlie down to catch up with how Lazarus is doing, what they are up to and what they are doing for Esports.

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