Michigan & Massachusetts Congressmen Took Secret Trip To Afghanistan

Two congressmen, Michigan Republican Peter Meijer and Massachusetts Democrat Seth Moulton, secretly flew to Kabul Tuesday on a charter flight.

The State Department and military personnel say they had to divert resources to provide security for the lawmakers.

Meijer and Moulton say it was important to conduct oversight of the Biden administration’s evacuation effort, and that they did not take seats from evacuees on the flight.

President Biden is sticking to his plan to have military troops withdrawn from Afghanistan by Tuesday, Aug. 31.

The U.S. military is working to get American citizens and allies out of the country by then.

However, Biden has asked the Pentagon and State Department for contingency plans.

He says his withdrawal deadline is contingent on the Taliban continuing to cooperate and allowing access to the Kabul airport.

The Taliban has declared that Afghan citizens are no longer allowed to leave the country.

President Biden warns the Taliban aren’t the only threat to the evacuation mission. An Islamic State affiliate known as ISIS-K also poses a risk.