Ferris State University Hosts First Move-In Day on Campus

Ferris State University families were able to move their students in for the upcoming school year – with some changes from previous years.

Move In0“It’s just a very exciting time of the year,” said FSU Director of Housing and Residence Life Bryan Marquadt.

Even though it was hot and humid out, that didn’t stop families from getting their students’ dorms organized.

“It’s always sad to see your daughter grow up like this and leave the household, but at the same time it’s an exciting time for her,” said parent Rob Maskill.

Maskill’s daughter is going to be a freshman this year, studying nursing.

He said he feels safe sending his daughter off during the pandemic.

“I think the college has done a really good job protecting students and keeping people safe,” he said.

One of those practices is masks inside buildings, and while they’re not requiring vaccines, everyone moving on campus has to go through a Covid test.

“We test all the students ad they go to their residence halls or their suites or apartments and they move in,” said Marquadt.

Additionally, move in is spread out over five days.

“It’s safety and security for everyone, not just the students but the parents, the faculty, the staff, everyone on campus,” said Marquadt. “It really worked out great last year, so we did the same practice again this year.”

Students returning to campus say they’re looking forward to in person classes.

“I think it’ll be a little bit better this year having the in person classes,” said sophomore Matthew Milostan. “I’ll be able to get more of that teacher-student interaction I wasn’t getting.”

Even if that means the “usual” college experience looks different.

“If I have to wear a mask then it is what it is,” said Milostan. “It doesn’t bother me one bit at all.”