Michigan Health Department Reacts to Pfizer Vaccine Approval

The Pfizer vaccine, which is now being sold as Comirnaty, is the first COVID-19 vaccine approved by the FDA.

Jennifer Morse, Medical Director for District No. 10, Mid-Michigan and Central Michigan Health Departments, said the approval was expected. Morse also said she is hopeful that those who were waiting the approval will now get vaccinated.

“I really don’t expect to see a huge increases in vaccination rates,” Morse said. “I think those that wanted to get it, were probably already convinced of the safety, but I am hopeful.”

The FDA gave full-approval for people ages sixteen and up, which was a six-month data-collecting process. For children ages twelve to fifteen, it’s still only authorized for emergency use.

Morse said those on the advisory committee for the FDA and CDC, which is who approves the vaccines, is made up of all non-governmental entities. She said the opinions on the vaccines are medical and scientific.

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