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Learn more about Local Steals and Deals

Local Steals & Deals carries products from local brands & small businesses across the U.S to deliver you real deals. Shop today’s deals & steals online!

Local Steals & Deals

Local Steals and Deals is a discount shopping website that merges the real time discount shopping experience with regional sellers. Localized small businesses owners use Local Steals and Deals to host their product line and to offer exclusive deals to viewers. Subscribers receive added discounts in addition to the specials offered to all viewers.

You can take part in special offers with Local Steals just by watching 9and10 News. Tune it for news casts at:








Local Steals and Deals airs on weekends too!

Watch live during 9&10 News casts to get limited discount offers or, if you’d prefer, you can visit Local Steals and Deals anytime at: Local Steals & Deals.

Find out how to add your product to LOSAD: make it local by visiting their website and find out how 9&10 News viewers can support local entrepreneurship.

Sign up: subscribers receive special offers and deals!


In addition to exclusive deals, Local Steals and Deals has a 100% satisfaction guarantee: to create a safe shopping experience for every customer. Orders will be sent directly to the address you request. If you have questions about the status of your order, lost or damaged items, or are not 100% satisfied, you can visit the Local Steals and Deals website and tap the “Need Help?” tab to find assistance.

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