Inside The Kitchen at Bayside Restaurant in Petoskey

“We like to do Americana food with a twist, so we kind Bayside Picof do a spin of traditional breakfast,” said owner and head chef at Bayside Restaurant, Ryan Marek.

He is turning the basics into brand new bites at the Petoskey Restaurant.

“In a lot of benedicts they use English muffin, we like to switch it up and do things a little different, so we will go pretzel bun down in the toaster,” Ryan said.

And then this ultimate porker benedict will get piled high.

“We like big portions, we like to cover as much as we possibly can,” he said. “When the food hits the table we like people to pull their phones out take pictures, they talk about the food while they sit there and let it get cold, you know everyone loves it.”

Another picture perfect dish is the prime rib hash.

A savory mix of potatoes, prime rib, onions and peppers, and topped beautifully with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce made fresh every morning.

When you see what Bayside Restaurant is cooking up for breakfast, you may just want to stick around for lunch.

The goal for this Bay’s Big Burger is to pile up the homemade haystack onions as high as possible.

“Their reaction on their face on that first bite makes my day, that’s for sure,” he said.

If you’d like to check out Bayside restaurant, you can find them at 3890 Charlevoix Ave #290 in Petoskey, or you can reach them at (231) 622-8298.

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