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Benzie County Overlooks Animal Control Millage Renewal

Benzie County is working to fix a ballot mistake after the millage renewal was overlooked.

During their meeting Tuesday afternoon, county commissioners briefly discussed the next steps to fix the problem.

If approved by voters, the millage renewal would’ve been an estimated $135,000.

“We’re going to try to do everything in our power to keep the animal control stable,” said Bob Roelofs, Benzie County Commissioner. “There’s a lot of people grumbling right now. It’s unfortunate but we’re going to support animal control and do the best we can to keep them providing us services that are so important.”

If the millage isn’t approved or fixed, Benzie County could potentially lose their animal control, as well as staffing, a reduction in shelter operations, and more.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting is set for September 14th, where they will have a full discussion on the topic.