Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday: Trudy, Jake, Thing One & Thing Two

It’s Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday on Michigan This Morning!

This week we have Trudy, Jake, Thing One and Thing Two—just four of Northern Michigan’s many great, adoptable animals waiting for a loving family to take them home.


First up meet Trudy. She’s a beagle mix and a senior dog looking for a loving home to live out her golden years.

You can describe Trudy as a couch potato. She enjoys sleeping a lot.

She is also friendly, loyal, gentle and quiet.

You can meet Trudy at Osceola County Animal Control in Reed City.


Next up meet Jake. He’s a husky mix looking for a new home because his previous owner passed away.

Jake loves being outside and going on new adventures.

He also never turns away a treat or back scratch.

Jake can be a little shy when meeting new people, but after some quality time together he is sure to warm up to you.

You can find Jake at the Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City.


Next up meet this duo, Thing One and Thing Two.

They’re brothers and are domestic long hair mixes.

Thing One and Thing Two are always playing together, and like typical brothers they love to rough-house.

If you don’t hear them playing, you might want to check on them because they tend to get into mischief.

You can meet Thing One and Thing Two at the Lake County Animal Control in Baldwin.


Tune in to MTM each Tuesday at 5:20 a.m. and 8:50 a.m. for more lovable Northern Michigan pets in search of families of their own!

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