14 Days: Northern Michigan Couple Backpack’s From Lake Huron to Lake Michigan

Meet Jeffy and Bridget Geer, otherwise known as Rogue Foot and Ms. B on Facebook. These two have come a long way! And I mean a longgggg way!

They took an adventure of a lifetime, backpacking across Northern Michigan from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan. Their journey took them a little over 245 miles in 14 days, documenting their entire trip on social media.

Having the chance to interview them was amazing. They told me all about their emotional ride, from preparing before the trip, to the experiences they encountered throughout it. This one is something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

The first question that comes to mind is, “Can I even do it? Like is this even something that I can physically, emotionally do?” says Bridget.

The journey of a lifetime.

“They say it’s all a mental game.”

“Our roughest day was a 28 mile day, and we wanted to go home.”

On July 31st, Jeffy and Bridget Geer tested their mental & physical capabilities.

“Thru hiking is following one trail from beginning to end over very long distance in one motion,” says Jeffy.

Enduring their first thru hike from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan.

Jeffy says, “By the time we counted up miles it looks like we did with our off route trip, our off trail trips, about 245 miles…And we did it in 14 days.”

Careful planning was involved everything from gear to physical preparation.

They told me the gear they took was extremely, ultra light.

“Our tent only weighed 1.3 pounds to fit two people, we had a tarp that weighed less than 12 ounces and that got us through a lot of the bad storms.”

When asked about their preparation, Bridget says, “We did lots of walking, biking, hiking. Just about every weekend we were out doing something super active. 10, 20 miles on the trail to get ready.”

“We trained a lot right here on the White Pine Trail, and we’d go from here to Leroy or here to Cadillac,” says Jeffy.

But little did they know, the hardest part wasn’t something they could prepare for.

Concerned, Jeffy says, “We didn’t like it anymore, it wasn’t fun…”

“At the end of the day, I wasn’t crying because my body hurt but because mentally and emotionally it drained you every day. That was the biggest challenge or struggle,” says Bridget.

And with challenge, comes life’s most memorable lessons.

Both of them had told me what they learned about each other on this trip. Bridget says, “We don’t always get along like most married couples but hiking really brought us together…That was the biggest takeaway, just how awesome we really are as a team,”

“If you wanna find out if you’re marriage is strong, go on a thru hike. Nowhere else in the world will you be with anybody that will see you at your Best and at your absolute lowest,” says Jeffy.

As days went on, the two endured some stormy conditions.

“With the bad weather coming, we would get to a spot and we would put up our tarp. We sat under a hail storm under that tarp, we sat under the rain storms that hit Traverse City.”

But even with a little rain, you know there’s always sunshine just around the corner!

“We could hear from 2 miles away, what sounded like loud speakers and music.”

“and I turned to Jeff and said, ‘do you think the fair is happening right now? and he said, ‘no it can’t be the fair'”

“Bridget looked at me and said, ‘uh honey, I need an elephant ear’ and so they let us in and we rode the merry-go-round and ate elephant ears and bought some tickets for some kids and we had a pretty nice time.”

After 14 long days, Jeffy and Bridget finally saw light at the end of the tunnel.

“We went up niagara Road and we could see that water, the tears just started coming.”

“As we to be approached Lake Michigan, Jeff looked at me and said it’s no more days. the feeling of relief and excitement when we could see the lake and there were no more days was a feeling I would have never imagined I had.”

“I just don’t know, I felt more satisfied, and that I can share that with her, and just holding her in that water was the best feeling ever. The best feeling I’ll ever have,” says Jeffy.

And now for the rest of their lives – the couple has this crazy journey to look back on!

“The respect I gained for my wife, Miss B…watching my wife do this all on her own strength and her own back. I gained more from that. I wish every husband can have that feeling for his wife.”

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