One Up XP Show Podcast: Northwood University Esports

Some may say that you are born for greatness, or some may say greatness is born from the hard work you put into it. Regardless of which way you see it one thing is certain, coach Cody Elsen is bringing and holding onto greatness in Midland, Michigan.

Northwood University might not be widely known by many people, but they have one of, if not, the best Esports program in the country. Beating massive well known and respected schools and taking home many titles. Three years into their Esports program and they have the train rolling.

We talk to Cody Elsen the Esports director and coach for Northwood. We talk about his competitive background, his experience in Esports with owning a well-respected organization and what brought him to Northwood to start Collegiate Esports for them.

We also talk about the amazing programs the kids have the possibility to take part in at Northwood as well as their amazing complex.

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