What’s Growing With Tom: Making Dairy Doo

Every week, we tell you giving your plants the right food and water, gives them a great chance of growing and producing a lot of food or flowers.

Dairy Doo is one combination of that we see works very well! This episode is about how Morgan Composting makes Dairy Doo.

I’m at the main headquarters where it’s made.  The one thing you really notice is the smell.  It’s rich… or thick.. smells like you are on a farm.

That’s not a surprise as manure is Dairy Doo’s main ingredient.

Morgan Composting uses a 25-year-old recipe to produce their Doo.

They pile up the Doo, with all its ingredients, and then mix it every couple of days, for weeks.

The pile needs to reach 140 degrees so the weeds are killed off and you don’t need to worry about them.

I had the fun job of using one of their turners to mix the pile of Doo.  I did it last year as well, but this is a different one.

I’m mixing the pile for the last time before its heads to the screener and then you, the consumer.

It’s a never-ending process. The Doo is placed in the hopper and the good stuff goes up the conveyer belt and added to the pile read for you to use.

“Justin here’s a screener, we’re looking at. Yeah, so we’re my nephew just brought that up from over back and now we’ll put it into the hopper, it’ll go into the screen, and then whatever falls through, will be the good product, the good Dairy Doo, you know, go up we’ll stack it and then whenever it comes out the end, you can see there’s a lot of woodchips and stuff right. Yep. We’ll take that and we’ll, We’ll put that in the next year’s recipe, and we’re a zero-waste facilities we have nothing going landfill will re compost everything going to the next year.”

It certainly was a cool experience and can’t wait to see what they have for more me next year!

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