Grand Traverse County Chairman to Propose Resolution for Health Department Regarding Vaccine Promotion

A new resolution is expected to be presented to the Grand Traverse County Commission that would prohibit the county health department from promoting COVID vaccines.

Chairman Robert Hentschel believes the health department is doing a good job informing the public about the virus, but whether or not to get the vaccine should be up to individuals.

He said everyone should instead talk to their doctors themselves to see what kind of actions they should take for their health.

The resolution would also keep the health department from mandating vaccines for employees.

“I think we really need to take serious the COVID threat that we have in our community but we also need to take serious the liberties that we all value and all treasure and we can’t trade off one for the other,” said Hentschel. “We need to look at both sides and every person needs to take accountability for their health.”

The resolution will be presented by Hentschel at the next board of commissioners meeting on Wednesday.