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From Michigan, With Love: Treat Yourself With These Made in Michigan Products

Our friend Franklin Dohanyos is here with this month’s From Michigan, With Love. He’s got something to clean out potty mouths, and satisfy your sweet tooth. 


Valganic’s is located in Canton and opened in 2012

It makes vegan, all-natural, very fragrant soaps, body sprays and oils, deodorants, and balms.

Some of the more popular products are pretty much anything with lavender, such as lavender lemongrass and lavender patchouli, as well as sweet orange and black raspberry.

 The products are sold in a number of independent retail stores in Michigan listed on their , and the new Meijer-owned market format grocery stores.

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Gilbert Chocolates

Gilbert Chocolates is located in Jackson and was started in 1893 by John Gilbert.

They offer an extensive collection of traditional handmade gourmet milk chocolates, dark chocolates, assorted flavor chocolates, truffles, snappers, seasonal chocolates, and unique corporate chocolate gifts.

The gourmet chocolates are available , at either of Gilbert’s retail store locations, or through one of its partner distributors.

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