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What’s Growing With Tom: Growing Veggies at Morgan Composting

It seems our weather has really cooperated the last couple of weeks with warmth, rain, and sun as well.

A great combo for big plants.  This week I went to Morgan Composting where their garden was a jungle too (like ours)

As Justin says “This is the power of Dairy Doo”

Our raised beds at Heritage House are a small and easy way to garden. Here they have rows of veggies all set up using plastic to reduce weeds and underground drip watering.

They put down a small row of Dairy Doo and Healthy Garden where the plants will be. This sets things up for great growth over the summer months.

The only issue with using the plastic is you can’t use more Healthy Garden, but you can use Veggie Blaster every couple of weeks.

Showing you their plants is not the only reason we are at Morgan Composting. Next week, we show how they make Dairy Doo!