A Twist On The Typical Barber Shop: Check Out Game & Cutz In Cadillac!

You’re only as good as your last haircut…

A new barber shop has opened up right here in Cadillac!

Andre Trevino and his wife Jessica, owners of Game & Cutz, have changed the game when it comes to getting your haircut.

Game & Cutz located right on North Mitchell Street, is putting a spin on the traditional sit down barber shop. No more sitting and waiting in a boring waiting room! As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted with colorful walls, and two big screen tv’s with couches. Combining a quality upscale barbershop in the back, you have the option to play video games as you wait to get your haircut. With the option of two gaming systems, Playstation and X-Box, you can sit down on a comfortable couch and choose from many popular video games!

Come check out the new barber shop, get comfortable and play a game while you wait! You can make an appointment by calling (231) 444-6424.

They got games, but they don’t play with the cuts!

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