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Business in Focus: Short’s Brewing Company Celebrates Starcut Ciders with Special Grill Giveaway

based in Bellaire and also Elk Rapids is known for its array of flavor-packed craft beers, cider, and seltzers.  In fact, Short’s have grown into something that not only stands alone but has become a huge part of the Short’s lineup.

The company is celebrating its unique cider line with a special summer grill and grilling kit giveaway.  It’s a way to get people outside with friends and family and enjoying the locally crafted cider.

Plus, the upcoming fall season is the perfect time to check out the Startcut Ciders as we head into tailgate season.

For more details on the Starcut, “Be a Grill Star” giveaway featuring the Kamado grill and grill set and then enter for your chance to win .