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Harbor Springs Looks to Fill Two City Council Positions After No One Appears on Ballot

Cities across Northern Michigan have recently seen a lack of people wanting to serve in local government positions, and Harbor Springs is no exception. 

The city is looking for two people to take over city council positions after nobody was put on the ballot in time.

“In order to fill those seats, we have to do the write-in process which means anyone who is interested can come in and pick up a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate,” said Nick Whitaker, city clerk of Harbor Springs.

The city had one person fill out an application but due to errors, that person was unable to be put on the ballot.

“There was one box on the form that he failed to check and I reviewed it and I failed to notice that he failed to check it,” said Whitaker. “Come to find out that I had some dates wrong that I was supposed to file the paperwork with the county by such and such a date. I had the date wrong so it was filed late and that’s my fault.” 

Anyone registered to vote in the city limits can apply, but they also need to make sure the community is aware they’re running. “They need to talk to the community members and neighbors and friends and ‘hey i’m going to be a write-in candidate. You have to write my name and check the box next to it in order for it to be a valid vote’,” said Whitaker.