Hook & Hunting: Cadillac Pilgrim Village Hosts 10th Annual Free Summer Fishing Contest

Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop in Cadillac is hosting their 10th annual free summer fishing contest.

Image001Anglers are encouraged to catch freshwater fish anywhere in Michigan, but to participate in the contest, you must bring the fish to their shop alive.

The biggest of each species will win a $50 gift card to their fishing shop.

You can enter fish for multiple categories, but you can only win in one category.

“It’s for all species you can get in Lake Cadillac and Mitchell, but the fish can come from anywhere in the state,” said Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop Owner/Manager Christopher Knaisel. “You don’t need a fancy boat you don’t need anything just, if you’re out fishing and you get something good, just bring it in.”

The contest runs until Sept. 9.

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