Harrison Community Schools Close to Finishing Construction on Larson Elementary

The Harrison community passed a $27 million bond back in 2017 to renovate the Harrison Community School buildings.

The first phase, which included the high school, was finished in 2018.

Now, the school district is finishing up their second phase of the project, renovations on Larson Elementary, with about a month left before the first day of school.

“You’re going from a building that was built back in the 40s, in the 30s, and the 50s over to a facility now that will be more modern,” said Superintendent Rick Foote.

Construction on Larson Elementary started in 2020, and will have brand new features.

“It’ll be exceptionally well outfitted with technology and what the kids need to have, and security which is what we were looking for when we built the building,” said Foote.

The goal of construction was to take a new addition to the school and add it to an old part of the school that was built in the 70s.

“The building itself was an addition added to the east end. We started that last fall,” said Foote. “The west end of the building was built in the early 70s as an open concept.”

That open concept design was walled off, so students and teachers now have classrooms.

By the first day of school, Foote says there should be 600 students in the building.

To accommodate for the construction, the school district had to push their first day back a week.

“We got behind in one of the areas, which pushed back some of the construction in other areas, which created us to go to ‘Plan B’ which we’re starting after Labor Day,” said Foote.

Foote says that hasn’t been a problem with anyone in the school community. They’re just excited to have a brand new school.

“I got staff that are just ready to get into that building and start working with their kids,” he said. “The excitement is high.”

The school district plans to hold an open house after the first day of school, sometime in mid to late September.