Energy Secretary Granholm Touts Electric Vehicles During Michigan Tour

The White House showed that Michigan will play a major role in the manufacturing of electric vehicles to meet President Joe Biden’s new executive order by sending an old friend to see the work being done first hand.

Former Governor and current U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm toured several facilities in southeast Michigan. Mainly manufacturers to help the US hit the executive order goal of 50% of all new vehicles made by 2030 be electric.

“We want supply chains to be made in America,” said Granholm.Granholm In Mi Pkg 8 5 2100 01 29 19still001

It was no coincidence that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm made her first official visit back to Michigan in her current role on Thursday, it was.the day President Biden announced his executive order pushing electric vehicles.

“They sent me here on this day to underscore what it looks like,” said Granholm, “That means that suppliers,  the auto makers themselves are creating jobs.”

Obviously the Big Three will play a role in reaching the goal but Granholm was touring suppliers Thursday, the level of manufacturing that needs to return to Michigan as we see supply issues across the globe.

“The United States need not rely on other countries, potentially adversaries, for the supplies to making the electric vehicle,” said Granholm, “We want to make the batteries here, we want to make the chips here, we want to make the vehicles here, we want to do the whole thing, soup to nuts, and that means jobs.”

The plan is going to be expensive. One of Granholm’s tour guides Thursday says that money can be found in the proposed, massive infrastructure plan in DC.

“Strike while the iron is hot. There is money for getting us to 50% electric if we have the infrastructure,” said US Representative Elissa Slotkin “So you care about getting those electric vehicles on the road? You need to care about this infrastructure package and we need to vote on it.”

Representative Slotkin is confident that the money will find its way to the Mitten State with Granholm in the top energy position.

“It means that we have the best champion possible to make sure that all those big announcements turn into jobs,” said Slotkin, “And opportunities and money here in our state.”