Biden Administration Sets Goals for Electric Cars, Pollution

The Biden Administration wants automakers to cut tailpipe pollution and raise gas mileage by 2026.

The administration has won a voluntary commitment from the automotive industry that electric cars would comprise around half of U.S. auto sales by 2030.

This is a major step in President Biden’s pledge to cut emissions and push the country away from internal combustion engines.

U.S. Senator Gary Peters released the following statement Thursday welcoming the Biden Administration’s action to promote electric vehicle sales goals:

“The future of the global auto industry is electric – and it is vital that the United States continue to lead in the 21st century mobility race. President Biden is taking much-needed steps to cement our leadership in electric vehicle manufacturing – which will be powered by Michigan workers, who can outcompete and outwork anyone.

“Investing in electric vehicle manufacturing and infrastructure will not only create jobs and shore up domestic production of vehicle parts and batteries – but will help us combat the very real impacts of climate change. Clean energy is an economic opportunity for Michigan – and one that will be even more critical in the coming years. That’s why I applaud President Biden’s efforts to put the United States on a sustainable path. I look forward to continuing to work with him and his administration to drive our auto industry forward and grow good-paying, union jobs in the process.”

Both regulatory standards and the voluntary goal will be included in an executive order slated to be signed Thursday afternoon.