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Wellness Wednesday: Connecting a Healthy Diet to Mental Health with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

The Four: Wellness Wednesday: Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Michigan On The Impact Of Alcohol On Mental Health

Diet and exercise play a large role in mental and emotional health. Healthy eating habits and certain foods have the power to relieve stress.

Avocado, blueberries, milk, nuts/seeds, oatmeal and dark, leafy greens have all been shown to lower stress levels.

dietitian Shanthi Appelö has shared a number of recipes that include all those ingredients that can be found on

Why is changing the stigma around mental health important?

  • Depending on the context, how we reference terminology for mental health or behavioral health may vary.
    • Behavioral health is more of an umbrella term and descriptor of mental health for serious mental illness, such as:
      • Severe major depression
      • Schizophrenia
      • Bipolar illness
      • Severe personality disorder
    • Differentiating it from substance use disorder, which is another behavioral health condition but a different category. Substance use disorder is the inappropriate use of substances for other than medicinal purposes.
  • Trying to label someone is a stigma, however trying to characterize and be able to affect some positive outcome – that’s a different use of the term.

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