MDHHS Announces New COVID Guidelines For Upcoming School Year

After a year of wearing masks in schools, it looks like they aren’t going anywhere for students and staff in Northern Michigan.

In lieu of the recent increase in cases and the spread of the delta variant, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced an update to their COVID-19 guidelines. Masks will be required on public transportation services, which means students who take the bus will have to wear one.

The guidance reflects the most recent recommendations by the CDC on masking and prevention strategies to make the school year more safe.

“My oldest, she asked to go back to school and said, ‘I’ll wear a mask. Can go back to school, please? All day, everyday,” said Allie Dickinson, a mother to three Pine River School children. “I think it’s really important….  it makes me proud. It makes me feel like they’re giving empathy for other people. They realize how important this is.”

Along with requiring students and staff to wear masks on public transportation, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services says students should also continue washing their hands, getting vaccinated and continue practice social distancing.

Although the CDC recommends students and staff wear masks in schools, most Northern Michigan schools say they are starting the school year off without requiring them.

Kingsley Superintendent, Keith Smith, said they plan on starting the school year on a more traditional note. He said they won’t be requiring masks for students and staff in in buildings.

“It seems a little reactionary to jump back in and say that kids have to wear masks despite there not being a particular outbreak in our community,” said Smith.

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