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What’s Growing With Tom: Veggie Bed Update

We’re in the jungle Northern Michigan! Our garden is just incredible right now.

Everything is thick and luscious. The tomatoes are coming along perfectly, the broccoli is about ready to be cut and the onions are already gigantic!

Justin gives credit to the soil. “You know we’ve talked about this is you know it’s important to start with the right soil. Veggie Doo 301 is an organic soil. It’s a potting soil we worked on and really has taken off now. It has the minerals in there, it’s got organic matter in there, and then you get the true taste like great-grandpa used to have because you’re really starting to dive into what the soil is giving us back.”

Our zucchini is growing like a weed. It’s only taking a few days to go from blossom to ready to pick. Today I picked ones that I missed last week and they are huge! Everything was growing so large I decided to move a couple of pepper plants. Yes, I transplanted 2 of them and they had no problem in the new bed. They are growing fast!

So our other bed now has peppers, lettuce, green beans, and potatoes. I tried potatoes 10 years ago with not much success. This year I think we are in for a huge harvest. I can’t wait to dig them up.

Since the beds are in such great shape, they won’t need extra help from Healthy Garden or Veggie Blaster. They are both ways to give your garden a boost if things aren’t looking the best.

Healthy Garden is a granular product meant to give a long-term boost. Veggie Blaster is liquid and provides a quick short-term boost to the plants.

I think this year the plants are doing the best they ever have. Considering the roller coaster ride in the weather, I’m very happy!