Crooked Tree Arts Center Art Fair Returns

The Crooked Tree Arts Center Art Fair draws hundreds of people to the Traverse City Civic Center one day out of the year to admire artwork from all over the Midwest.

Covid cancelled last year’s fair and this year artists looked forward to showing off what they made during lockdown.

Corey Bechler, a ceramics teacher from Honor spends most of the year teaching art to local middle and high school students.

But during the summer he’s still busy at work, “I love playing with clay,” Bechler says, “So whether it’s the fish behind us or the birds— I like just molding and shaping with my hands and see what happens.”

This year Bechler brought his ceramic birds, cottages, and other art work to sell at the crooked tree arts center fair. He was just one artist that the hundreds of visitors came to visit. Bechler says, “This year we’re at right around 90. It’s a little bit smaller but everyone’s kind of easing back into the art fair scene at their own pace.”

Since last year was cancelled many artists got the chance to display their work, “Everyone who was juried into the show for 2020 were automatically juried for this year because we wanted to help them out any way that we could,” says Bechler.

Crooked Trees arts Center say this fair makes it possible for them to run the community programs they offer throughout the year.

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