Ugotta Regatta Brings in Sailors from Around the Country

The Ugotta Regatta in Harbor Springs, hosted by the Little Traverse Yacht Club, missed out last year due to COVID-19 concerns but it’s back and gathering a lot of spectators.

“Last year was supposed to be the 60th anniversary and unfortunately we had a COVID incident at the club,” said Tom Trautman, commodore of the Little Traverse Yacht Club. “One of our employees came down with COVID literally three days before the event was supposed to happen.”

Throughout the weekend there will be many races and people have come from around the country to participate. “Texas, Ohio, Illinois, South Carolina, Connecticut, Georgia, Missouri, and as far away as California,” said Trautman. “A lot of people that travel into town as well as some of the local sailors that compete in the Regatta this weekend.”

Since it’s conception, the event has grown every year. “It was a pretty small Reggata originally and it certainly has grown through the years to being one of the most prestige yacht races in the Great Lakes,” said Trautman.

Executive director of the Harbor Springs Chamber of Commerce, Bonnie Kulp said the Ugotta Regatta also gives a huge boost to the local economy. “It means tons for our businesses,” she said. “Everything is full from the hotels, the restaurants are busy, the shops. It’s just a really fun and exciting feeling and it just trickles over into everything.”

The event will run through Sunday with many more races to come.