Petoskey Rotary Club Celebrates 100 Years

Across the country, rotary clubs have made an impact on their respective communities for years to come.

The Petoskey Rotary Club is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and the achievements they’ve made. With over 100 members, they’ve worked to make improvements to the area with numerous projects.

They meet every Wednesday at the Stafford’s Perry Hotel for lunch and lively discussions on how to improve the community. Together they’ve accomplished feats such as awarding scholarships, helping host festivals, and providing grants to a number of different organizations.

Not only is the club celebrating 100 years, they’re also celebrating the 60 years of service put in by two of their members, including Stafford Smith. “Our participation and how rotary, particularly here locally, has enriched our lives, and here we were 60 years ago, a couple of young businessmen right out of college,” he said.

The club was formed in 1921 after it was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Traverse City.