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Lee Trevino Visits Treetops to Celebrate 20 Years of a Miraculous Hole-In-One

After twenty years, professional American golfer, Lee Trevino made his way back to Treetops Golf Resort in Northern Michigan for a celebration.

“We wanted to bring Lee back because actually yesterday, it was exactly 20 years from when he made the shot, the hole-in-one shot back then,” said Barry Owens, General Manager of Treetops Golf Resort.

In 2001, Trevino made a hole-in-one on a par 3, winning $1 million, half of which he donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital at the time. On Thursday, Trevino traveled back to Treetops to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that shot.

“Great weather, great staff, gorgeous weather,” said Trevino. “Oh my God, you know, just bringing back old memories. I couldn’t wait to get in the little grill so I can have a little, you know, a little blueberry muffin or something… I’m so thrilled to come back and do this.”

Trevino is a Hall of Fame golfer and won six major open championships during his career. He says back in 2001, he was aiming for the hole when trying for the shot.

“I got lucky. I got real lucky,” he said.

During the event on Thursday, people were able to hit their first ball with Trevino. They were also able to sit in on a golf clinic, which was hosted by the professional himself.

“Funny thing about guys that love this game, and live it and eat it, and worship it, this is what I chose to do and this is what I love to do” he said. “But, no don’t play near what I’m used to and it kills me.”

Clapping heard throughout the course and smiles were all over as Trevino talked and hit balls with the crowd.

“I mean, it’s really special. Just the little bit of time we’ve spent together, he’s a special guy,” said Owens. “I mean, he makes everyone around him feel well.”

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