Kitten Factory Founder, Anna Homan Talks Increase in Kittens & Educating Northern Michigan on Rescuing

Founder of The Kitten Factory in Higgins Lake, Anna Homan says there has been a major increase in kittens across northern Michigan since early spring and into the summer.  Homan has become a major resource and educator for animal rescues and individuals who are looking to help rehabilitate or foster cats and kittens.

The Kitten Factory is not her full-time job, although it is a full-time job with the responsibilities it entails.  That’s why Homan wants others to realize she is willing and open to being used as resource and informer for kitten rescue and doesn’t want people to think euthanasia or killing is the answer.

To hear more from Homan and what she’s seeing as well as advice for those looking to rescue and foster, click on the Zoom interview above.

To connect with the Kitten Factory on Instagram click here.

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