A New Life-Saving Tool For Your Phone During Damaging Storms

You may have heard the term Severe Thunderstorm Warning before and thought, “how bad is it going to be”? To enhance communication, the National Weather Service will add categories to Severe Thunderstorm Warnings on August 2. The change will help the Doppler 9&10 Weather Team communicate the message to you easier as well.

What is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning right now?

  • Winds 58 mph or greater
  • Quarter-sized hail (1.00″ inches in diameter)
  • Tornado possible

New Categories Destructive and Considerable

Destructive Severe Thunderstorm

Bottom Line New

  • The warning will TRIGGER your Wireless Alert System on your phone.
  • Right now, the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) only rings for a flash flood or tornado warning.

Considerable Severe Thunderstorm

  • Winds 70 mph or greater
  • Golfball-sized hail (1.75 inches in diameter)
  • Possible tornado
  • Will NOT TRIGGER the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA)

Why is this important?
We see severe thunderstorm warnings often during the summer across northern Michigan. Some of them come without the price of extensive damage. When the National Weather Service issues a “Destructive Severe Thunderstorm Warning” and the Wireless Emergency Alert sounds, you NEED to take it seriously. Extensive damage would be likely, similar to that of a damaging tornado. When your Wireless Emergency Alert system rings, you need to take shelter in a basement, lowest level of your home, or an interior room/closet away from windows.