Loon Rescued in Antrim County

A feathery friend from across Lake Michigan has been making her home here in northern Michigan.

A loon originally hatched on Langley Lake in Wisconsin in 2006 and was found nesting in Antrim County in 2015, more than 200 miles away.

The loon had to be rescued Tuesday from a road in Antrim County after mistaking it for a waterway. Researchers didn’t know how far a female loon would go from their hatching spot after returning to the Gulf of Mexico.

Since loons can’t take off from land, it’s important to make sure that if you see a loon out of water that you take proper action to help it.

“Please just take the time and make the phone call to the DNR or the sheriff’s department,” said Bill Truscott, founder of Antrim Outdoors. “The concerned citizens are helping out a ton. Don’t try to do anything yourself. They can hurt you and you can hurt them also.”

The loon was taken to Lake Michigan to recuperate and is expected to return to Little Torch Lake in the next couple days.