CDC Tracking Map Highlights Mask Recommended Areas

The state is not bringing back mask mandates but the Center for Disease Control is strongly recommending everybody, no matter their vaccination status, wear masks indoors. But not everywhere yet.

“Mandating a whole state again, since it’s going to be changing potentially day-to-day or week-to-week, that’s going to be something that is difficult to sort of police at all,” said Jordan Powell, epidemiologist with the District Health Department #10.10 05 2020 Biz Anti Mask Reax Sot Vo 6

The CDC is recommending, in certain areas, that everybody return to wearing masks indoors as COVID cases rise, including K-12 schools. The state agrees with the caution but has said it will not be mandated.

“These decisions are going to be made at the local level,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer when asked about mask mandates earlier this week.

The CDC is assisting. On their website they have a transmission tracker, broken down by each county and what level of transmission they are at.

The counties that are red and orange, those are the areas recommended masks are worn indoors. They are rated as “high” and “substantial.”

“Fifty daily cases per 100,000 over the past seven days and/or 8% positivity,” said Powell.

Northern Michigan counties in the ‘substantial’ rank are barely above the threshold and the health department says those interested in following the recommendations should seek context.

“Just to see what’s happening in a general overview in the county,” said Powell, “If it’s community spread, household contact, at a certain worksite, just so you can have an idea of what we’re looking at.”

The map is updated daily but also shouldn’t be treated as a green or red light, if they fluctuate back and forth.

“We wouldn’t recommend just dropping the mask the next day that you see it fall back to ‘moderate’ or ‘low,’” said Powell, “We want to make sure that it’s going to be at the ‘moderate’ or ‘low’ level for a while before we just decide to start unmasking again.”

The CDC transmission tracker map can be found HERE.

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