Boyne Valley Trail Complete, Gives Businesses More Customers

The Boyne Valley trail connects Boyne City to Boyne Valley and allows those on either side to visit the other while enjoying a peaceful ride with a scenic view.

City Manager of Boyne City Michael Cain said the project started in 2019 and cost $1.8 million.

“It was really kind of serendipity when it all came together last year where we were able to do a soft opening and give people an extra release and opportunity when they needed it most during the time of COVID,” he said.

The trail is open for non-motorized vehicles as well as anyone who wants to take a stroll. Owner of North Country Cycle Sport, Mike Cortright said more and more people have been exploring cycling since the start of the pandemic.

“Bicycling, hiking, camping, boating,” he said. “Sales have increased for pretty much everyone. So, it’s great to see people either rediscover the outdoors or go outside and enjoy it for the first time.”

Not only does the six-mile trail provide an excellent opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy some beautiful scenery it’s also giving some local businesses a boost.

“Getting them from the mountain where they have several restaurants and little shops down there to downtown Boyne City where we have a lot of our businesses and shops has really been a great thing for the businesses,” said Kim Akin, executive director of the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce. “They can have a different experience downtown than they have at the mountain and vice versa.”

The Boyne Valley Trail was paid for by a number of organizations including the Michigan Department of Transportation, the DNR, and some local cycling clubs.