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Wellness Wednesday: Benefits of Taking a Mental Health Day with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

The Four: Wellness Wednesday: Men's Mental Health With Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Michigan

According to  taking a mental health day has become more common for U.S. workers.

What is a mental health day?

A mental health day is exactly what it sounds like—a short break (usually 1-2 days) where you decompress. This period of relaxation can consist of staycation trips to local tourism spots or streaming your favorite TV sitcom. What you do decide to do isn’t as important as taking time to disconnect.

Why is taking a mental health day important for employees and employers?

They are imperative for both employees and companies alike, because a stressed employee negatively impacts performance and morale. In fact, stress-related office absences and health care costs employers $300 billion per year, according to Inc.

Some companies now offer mental health days in their benefits packages, and 84 percent of U.S. workers get paid vacation time, between 10 and 20 paid vacation days per year.

To learn more about the mental health resources with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan,