The Importance of Testing Our Drinking Water and How Easy It Is

Whether you’re on a well or municipal line, it’s always best to know what’s in your water. Chris Myers, the President and CEO of Environmental Laboratories, Inc., and Senior Scientist who developed Safe Home Test Kits says that regardless of your water source, you should be testing at least two times a year in the dry season and wet season. “Your water could contain anything from lead to organic carcinogens like benzene or vinyl chloride, which can be very harmful to your health,” he said. “That’s why using our test kits is so important to help you first identify the issue, second educate yourself, and then third take action to get rid of the problem”.

The Safe Home Test Kits are designed so anyone can test their own tap water. There are several kits to choose from including a DIY kit that tests for bacteria, metals, in-organics, and physical properties like pH. For a more extensive look into your water, they also have the lab test kits that are sent into their certified lab and analyzed and tested for 200 contaminants depending on which kit you purchase.

If you want to learn more about the state of drinking water in our country, why you should test, how the science works, etc. watch the video above or click here.

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