Owner of Four Green Fields Farm Adds Charm to Big Rapids

It’s not uncommon to see a horse and carriage on Mackinac Island… but Big Rapids?

Kevin Courtney, owner of Four Green Fields Farm, is no stranger to bringing unique and fun activities to the Mecosta County Area. In June, he was gifted a horse carriage by a friend, which sparked his next big idea. Now, he spends his Friday evenings in downtown Big Rapids, offering rides to the public.

“We fixed it up,” Courtney said. “They’ve been so, so gracious in letting me use it and they do it as a way of honoring their friend. They didn’t think it was right that their friends stuff would just sit and potentially, you know, rot away.”

Instead of rotting away, the carriage and Kevin’s horse, Junior, travel to Big Rapids each week to offer rides to the community.

“I’m obviously not out there trying to make a lot of money,” he said. “As much as anything, just having fun with my horse… and a chance for the beautiful carriage to be seen up and down the streets.”

Carriage rides are $5 per person and go through all of downtown Big Rapids, starting at City Hall. They will be going on until mid-September, which is when Courtney switches to his farm to run holiday activities for the community.

“Big Rapids has outside dining on the sidewalks… people sitting out there and having a beer and having their dinner,” he said. “You can just see the big smiles when the horse goes by. I mean, it just adds to the ambiance, and the beauty… and just the enjoyment of downtown Big Rapids.”

The rides have been a hit. He said he eventually wants to start doing weddings.

“It’s been great. People just enjoy it,” he said. I mean, there’s just a sound of a horse, going down the street… that clip, clop… and nice beautiful summer evening. It’s just, there’s nothing better.”

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