Community Organizations Offering Assistance Amid COVID Relief Set to End

It’s been sixteen months since COVID relief programs were put into place.

Next week, some of the first are set to expire.

The housing economy and college students are just some of those that are wondering whether or not they will be extended once again.

On Saturday, the housing moratorium put in place to protect those who couldn’t afford rent during the pandemic is set to expire.

The Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency (NMCAA) says they hope it gets extended like it did earlier this year.

They say they still see families daily daily that are on the verge of losing their housing.

Sarah Hughes, Division Lead Homelessness Programs Manager for NMCAA says, “We get an average of between six and fifteen calls everyday from people that have backrest due or say that they’re being evicted and as soon as the moratorium is up they’re going to be kicked out.”

She says more people are behind than some would like to believe.

“As a community we’ll never technically be prepared for the amount of influx that is going to happen to our community for people who are so far behind on their rent,” says Hughes.

Right now, they’re working with landlords to help secure back pay for behind tenants.

As that deadline approaches, college financial aid advisors are already wondering what will happen with student loans when loan forgiveness expires at the end of September.88e5fabc F39f 41c1 Aeba 27e5043e2743

“If the loan servicers aren’t communicating that to the students right now, which we’re not sure that they are, it may blindside a lot of students,” said Director of Financial Aid at Northwestern Michigan College, Linda Berlin.

Berlin says once they resume payments, the system will be flooded.

“The concern is that they’re going to be overwhelmed. They’re not going to be able to handle all of the requests from students and the questions,” says Berlin.

For now, both NMC and the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency are helping community members get started with what resources are available.