Bay Mills Indian Community Gathers for Arrival of 24-Foot Totem Pole

The Bay Mills Indian Community came together at Fort Michilimackinac Park Tuesday to celebrate the arrival of a 24-foot tall totem pole and self-reflection.

The totem pole has been on a journey to Washington, D.C., and has traveled across the country. Fort Michilimackinac Park was the 114th and final stop for the totem pole before reaching its destination. The totem pole symbolizes the spirts of land, leadership, and togetherness as it travels. The Bay Mills Indian Community also took the opportunity to discuss the ongoing issues with the Line 5 Pipeline.

The pipeline runs under the Straits of Mackinac, which for the Bay Mills Indian Community, the area has been a center for cultural contact and interaction, and also holds ceremonial grounds, significant architecture and objects.

“We are re-seizing our sovereignty, and showing what it means to be tribal nations in the modern century, and continue the good work that we need to do to ensure that the next seven generations, our children’s children, can continue to have a way of life here in the United States,” said Bay Mills Indian Community Chairperson Whitney Gravelle.

After completing it’s last stop Tuesday, the totem pole will soon be delivered at the White House.