Mio Man Carves His Path To Success One Meaningful Sculpture At A Time

He got his first hand saw at the age of five, he never put it down, and the rest was history!Img 9073

Meet Dan Kaminski, a wood worker who’s always had a passion to create. In fact, he creates life-size sculptures out of wood.

Kaminski says, ” That’s a big part of the drive, I’ve always enjoyed creating stuff. I mean it’s just building something out of nothing.”

But it’s not just something…his most recent projects, ‘Some Give All’ and ‘Hero,’ have proved they are very powerful. Inspired by his brother, ‘Some Give All’ honors the many men and women who are in the service, and ‘Hero’ is dedicated to the first responders who put their lives on the line each and every day. He is still adding more pieces to these intricate projects!

He started his wood working journey like many, building small things like birdhouses, furniture, and cabinetry. But this kind of work was on the smaller scale of what he’s really capable of doing. Cutting, carving and sanding away – he’s really only pushing his limits to how far he can go. Far enough that he incorporates his true emotions into the projects that mean the most.

Kaminski never really thought about the reactions he’d get from people who viewed his work, or the impact he’d leave.

He says, ” The ‘Some Give All’ project was an emotional ride for a lot of people…it’s phenomenal to see that I created something, out it on display, and so many people were hit in so many different ways. It was very rewarding.”

As Dan says, it’s his way of leaving a mark. They say that “the things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” Dan’s passion for wood working cuts far deeper than the pieces of wood he cuts. He hopes that one day his sculptures end up in a museum for all to see.

On a lighter note, there us one thing that he’ll never forget — always be aware of your fingers!

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