Kalkaska Public Library Floods Over Weekend

The heavy weekend rains and flooding have kept clean-up crews busy.

Saturday morning brought heavy rains and even a flash flood warming to the Grand Traverse area.

Rain water found its way into the basement of the Kalkaska Public Library. It’s damage like this that’s meant clean-up companies are working to keep up with the backlog of waterlogged homes and businesses.

Library staff were there at the time and able to react quickly to call for help. Clean-up companies across the region have been on call 24/7 for removing the water and doing flood damage clean-up.

While the water here was threatening, it thankfully didn’t reach the books. The pros say flood damage is not something you should tackle on your own.

“It’s important to do it properly or you possibly could have, even though you think you have it done correctly, you dry it out and it looks good,” said Scott Thomas, Paul Davis Restoration. “And then months down the road when it warms up, you start smelling something. You might have mold behind the wall or you might have it under your hardwood, you just never know where it is because you didn’t dry it properly.”

Even days later, crews are still busy as people uncover the damage, or realize they can’t do it alone.