Grant Me Hope: Oscar

Unlike his “Sesame Street” namesake, this Oscar is definitely no grouch. “Oscar is very silly; he has a good sense of humor,” says one of the people close to him. “Oscar has a sweet personality that given the right family, he will thrive.” This energetic and athletic young boy loves sports, playing outside and going swimming and to the park. Oscar likes riding bikes and jumping on a trampoline. He’s an adventuresome young lad who enjoys going to the zoo and to the beach. In the winter, Oscar likes going sledding. On his list of favorite things, Oscar includes the color red and chicken and macaroni. He’s a creative kid who enjoys doing arts and crafts, especially the ones involving shaping with scissors. When he’s asked the most important thing he wants others to know about him, Oscar responds, “I am a good boy who is loving and sweet.” In short, Oscar has all the qualities that will make him a good fit for a forever family.

“Oscar is such a sweetheart,” the worker says. “He desperately wants a family that he can be a part of. He needs a consistent and strict household.”

Oscar would do best as the only child in his new forever family, but it’s not mandatory. His new forever family must be strong advocates for the services that will help Oscar excel. They must be patient and willing to help Oscar feel safe in his new home. Finally, they must be open to letting Oscar maintain his sibling relationships.

To learn more about Oscar, and the adoption process, click here.

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